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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  June 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> more now, on our breaking news, a frightening home invasion and robbery overnight in recalled's olney neighborhood. >> jen bernstein joins us now, at the scene, with the latest information. jen, good morning. scary experience, for this woman who owns this restaurant, first floor here on olney avenue, woman, 68 years old, lives on the second floor, she told police, she was asleep when she woke up around midnight to two men shining flashlights on her face. the men then tide her up with clothing and extension cord around her neck, wrist, ankles, then demanded money. she told them she didn't have any. they ransacked her apartment, tossing around furniture, ripping doors off her closet. they then left.
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now, she told police, she was tied up for about an hour, until she could free herself and call police. earlier, detectives were processing the scene, the video you are looking at, believed the two men were able to gain entry in the back where they either climb up on fence or stood on dumpsters to get onto second floor patio to break-in. >> we're getting information these two perpetrators may not have been wearing any gloves. right now detective are dusting for fingerprints. >> the woman said the only thing she found missing is a small caliber handgun, which she says is registered her. police say the woman had bruises on her wrists, but she turned down medical treatment. she was shaken up. but is otherwise okay. now, detectives also did finds several surveillance cameras in the area, will be g those along with fingerprint evidence possibly inside, dusting again to see if they can fine any. they'll be searching for those two men this morning.
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that's the latest from olney, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. right now, just past 4:33, back to katie hear more about the storms. >> they're on the way. we are once again tracking some very heavy pockets of rain this morning, we saw very similar scenario yesterday. and, this is likely going toned up being little dicey morning commute, depending on location. that's key here. but, as we look at "skycam 3", pretty quiet at the moment in atlantic city, little hint after haze that you can make out from the camera here, but, generally speaking, although it is very muggy, we are off to quiet start. we go to storm scan3 next. this is rough stuff. this is soaking rain. if you are traveling westbound perhaps on the pa turnpike, and you run into there is you are going to get blinded by that rain. it is so heavy. and there is couple of other pockets generally off shore, but this guy just on the southern branch of kent county, for example, that will also produce some brief but very heavy downpours. this really is the pocket that we have to watch for the next say hour and a half or so.
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potentially even longer than that if we stop the radar, we look strictly at this one zone, where you have a loft lightning strikes. you may be waking up and turning the tv onto watch us, because you have got woken up by the thunder rumbling on through. eventually will be rolling to the nor and northeast, will also just sort of stay this way, unsettled, in nature, through the course of the day with a stalled frontal boundery nearby a loft moisture to work with, although the rain chances on location, based scenario here, are little bit lower today, and tomorrow, i would still keep the umbrella around, that muggy outside. that much moisture to work with, if anything hits you it, will hit you hard in the form every downpour, you don't want to get stuck in that. 71 degrees temperature at the airport, very mild, very muggy start, and shooting for highs back to the mid 80s today, with very limited sunshine, some showers, storms, once again, in the forecast. bob? >> morning, 4:35, socked in with some fog, as we begin our tuesday morning, here is a
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live look at the example, the ben franklin bridge, from the camden toll plaza you can barely make out the upside, across the span, the skyline in philadelphia, typically visible this morning, no go at all. so, factor in some extra time, watch for the visibility, naturally going to slow us down, almost like repeat of yesterday that we had to deal with. now, we go to live look at i-95, this is what is left over of an overnight work crew here, on the northbound side. approaching girard, lehigh avenue. now, because of the weather, penndot postponed the beginning of that big construction project, that was supposed to start last night. so, here's the deal. current work zone as we just saw goes from race up through girard avenue. now, tomorrow night they're going to start that new project from girard up through allegheny, where again, all three lanes will be moved over to the right side. you are going see the barriers come in, there will be no shoulder, and basically, what is right now the right shoulder will become the right
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travel lane, as you head northbound between center city all the way up to allegheny avenue. an accident in the neighborhood, the turnpike connector bridge, eastbound, right near route 130, and some downed wires, in chester county along warren avenue at shepherd road. after couple of problems yesterday, during the day, mass transit, septa's regional rail lines, everything is back to normal and ready for the start after morning rush hour, nicole, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. well, shuttle bus burst into flames at the philadelphia international airport, and now a vehicles is underway into what caused it. >> "eyewitness news" at the airport last night, this is near terminal d and e, as the baggage claim area. this is the pay less car rental shuttle bus. the driver inside escaped unharmed. there was no one else on board. police shutdown arrivals, road temporarily, but the road reopened after the fire was contained. a shark attack will delay swimming today at delaware cape henlopen state park. sixteen year old boy was swimming yesterday afternoon when a shark bit him on the arm. he used his other free arm to
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break away. he was treated for garrison his left forearm. well, clean up is underway in parts every montgomery county after heavy rains caused flood being there. rain came down pretty heavy, pretty fast, stranding this driver in plymouth meetingment some from the area say the flooding the worse they've seen in 17 years. it is 4:38 right in you. the truck driver charged in the accident that injured tracy morgan is expected to appear in court tomorrow. authorities say kevin rope her not slept for more than 24 hours before the accident. investigators say, his big rig rearended the comedian's limo van on the new jersey turnpike in cranberry township saturday morning. stately have released 911 calls to "eyewitness news". >> the vehicle is turn over. do you know if anybody injured? >> yes, it is two, two vehicles and a wal-mart truck. >> now the collision critically injured morgan and two others, and killed one of his passengers. a spokesman says morgan face
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as difficult recovery. >> it is election day in trenton. voters are picking a new mayor in today's run up election. eric jackson, paul perez, top two finish nerves last month's election. the winner replaces toney mack, convicted on corruption charges. well, the i-95, 495 bridge, wilmington, delaware, remains closed indefinately the we should get update today when officials hold a news conference, delaware department of transportation will talk about their plan to fix the bridge, and hopefully give us a update on when they expect to have it ready. >> this weekend soil removed near the affected piers to return them to their original alignment. >> going to be huge headache, that's for sure. >> still much more to cover right here on cbs-3. "eyewitness news". >> that includes young girl get to go thank someone who heroically saved her life. we'll have that story and much more coming up. we'll be back in two minutes.
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young girl who nearly drowned on memorial day gets to thank the people who helped save her life. >> "eyewitness news" at the radnor township police department, where heroism awards were present today call a hand, leaper, and first responders. now, callahan was lifeguarding at ants in wayne when he pulled 12 year oldened from the bottom after pool. she wasn't breathing, and didn't have a pulse. >> thank you for those who saved me, i appreciate it. >> i mean, that's everything you could want, you know, a live guard, and in that situation, to see someone doing well today. >> that's true. now, callahan quickly performed cpr at the pool. volunteer emt's and firefighters arrived on the scene and then took over. well, we have new revelations this morning on the va scandal. >> law makers in washington grilled va officials. a newly-released audit shows more than 57,000 veterans had to wait more than 90 days to receive care.
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in a additional 64,000 appear to have just fallen through the cracks, never getting appointments after enrolling and requesting one. 13% schedule ers recall being told to false few to make waits appear shorter. >> "eyewitness news" has obtained the average wait time for veterans to get their first appointments at va facilities in our area. in philadelphia, it is 26 and a half days, in coatesville, the average wait is just over ten days. and in wilmington, the average wait is just more than 25 days. relief on the way for college graduates sad billion dollars student loan debt. president obama will expands existing program that caps loan payments at 10 percent of the borrower's monthly income. the white house says about 5 million more borrowers will likely be eligible for this program, however, it won't kick in until december 2015. and, some scary video here after frightening ride on an elevator.
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man hops on elevator on the first floor, in chilly, suddenly it malfunctions and takes off. you can see him frantically trying to push some buttons here in a minute. eventually, the elevator reaches the 31st floor, in just 15 seconds, smashing into the roof. the man suffered some serious head and leg injuries. right now just past 4:43. >> katie, a lot of rain coming our way? >> a lot, a lot of rain, exactly. no day is a wash out, but i also highly suggest you keep the umbrella on stand by, because we have so much moisture, content in this air mass, so muggy, wacking out the door, your hair friz z, or falls flat. >> and my doubles in size. >> really looking forward to skydeck duty today. i got to say. should be interesting. we should do like the hair friz meter, something like that? >> it would make it interesting, for sure. >> the poofometer, i like that.
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>> let's look at the flood advisory posted for portions of lancaster county, if you are traveling on the westbound turnpike, you will roll into this right here. but it is specifically for central and again western lancaster county, then heading a little further off to the west through central pennsylvania. so that's really going to be the major artery that i highly suggest that you plan ahead for. moving along relatively slowly, been three hour loop, only made it over couple every counties, also quite a business of lightning strikes that have been reported with. >> this so, some thunderstorm activity just over the maryland border, that will be moving into chester, in fact, leading edge of this already is, so you may get woken up here, or maybe your family members will be getting woken up here to the sound of some thunder and lightning, as we move forward into the next hour or two. it is cloudy, muggy, meantime, with the scattered showers, storms. again, everything will be locally scattered, in nature, but when it comes through it, may come through like what i just showed you on storm scan, heavy at times, and you just don't want to get caught
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without umbrella under that kind of situation, right? couple of showers still around tonight. maybe rumble every thunder, as women, just keeps ongoing here, we can expect to see warmth, muggy conditions continue tomorrow, although, tomorrow does look like it is the driest day of the next four, there will still be the chance for shower or storm, thursday, friday, also, look stormy, and then finally, we clear it out just in time for the weekend, nicole, back to you. >> kate, looking forward to that, thanks. well the phillies host the padres tonight in south phillyment phils have lost two in a row, stand 11 games under 500 for the season. still, a special night for phillies pitcher, cole hamels. his number was retired by the lakewood blue clause, hamels pitched for the blue laws on his way to the phils, went six and one with .84 earns run average and 13 starts. cole and ryan howard are the only blue claws players to have their numbers retired. and to the stanley cup finals now, in those former flyers, jeff carter, put the los angeles kings up one-nothing at the end of last
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night's first period in new york. former flyer, mike richards, scored two, and the kings beat the rangers three to nothing. now, kings do have strangle hold on the series up three games to none. could win the stanley cup for the second time in three seasons, that's happening tomorrow night. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, we will see what's happening on wall street. with jill wagner. >> first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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for another look at this morning's headlines, we could see repeat of yesterday's flashflooding later today. storms swept across montgomery county stranding drivers and flooding roads, homes, even backyards. katie has an update on today's forecast, coming up on the 3's. >> also, crews will start tomorrow night on a $211 million project to repair and add lanes on i95 northbound, between girard and allegheny avenues. rain delayed the start that far project, last night.
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drivers, who take 95, overnight, should expect delays and lane closures. >> and no injuries, but scary time at the airport last night. car rental company shuttle bus got caught fire and burned on the airport's arrival road. it meant some inconvenience last night, but thankfully, it is all clear now. it is 4:50 right now. time for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from t new york took stock exchange, sounding like broken record here, but record i could listen to, day after day. another record high close on wall street. what's moving the markets here? >> well, that's right. good morning, erica, nicole. s&p 500 the dow both closed in record high territory yesterday. the nasdaq also finished higher. now, this came as series of us companies announce some very important deals, merger monday, as it is called, really living up to its name. tyson foods, won its bid for hill shire brands, which makes jimmy dean sausages, and ballpark hotdogs. and then the pharmaceutical giant, merck, based in new jersey, has agreed pay nearly
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$4 billion for pharmaceuticals, company that develops drug for hepatitis. so, we'll see if the markets can keep up the rallies today, nicole, erika? >> jill, of course, we've talk about this before. but now, even more companies raising the price of a cup of coffee, right? >> horrible news. >> i know. >> yes, not what we earlier risers want to hear. cost of the morning cup of coffee just keeps ongoing up. dunkin's ceo now says that coffee prices will likely go up in stores, but only by a little, he says, because franchise owners might want to raise the price on items like donuts, breakfast sandwiches, because just coffee, he says, really such a important market. last week the price for folger's and maxwell house, that jumped about 10 percent, this is all being blamed on the drought, and higher coffee bean prices. there is one positive side, starbucks, says it, won't be raising prices just jet because the company did buy its coffee beans way in
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advance. >> so expensive coffee will just stay expensive, all right. >> exactly. >> jill, thanks. coming up after thee break, weather and traffic on the 3's, we'll be
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just past 4:53, time for traffic and weather together. >> hey, morning, everybody. live look on a tuesday morning, boy, it is foggy out here this morning. >> how foggy is it? >> so foggy, weaver the foghorn operating with brand new set of batteries. live look, route 309, right near easton road. so, give you an idea how thick it is here, make sure the headlights are on, watch it, the deer are out there with us, as well. soap, it is slower than normal this morning, almost like repeat of yesterday. but throwing the fog in for the breakfast buffet drive this morning. we go downtown, live look at the vine st., you know what, we go downtown, if i get my clicker, and hit the button. live look at the vine expressway here, roads little damp, as well this morning, but no problems for the most part on all of our major roadways. but, if you are headed south
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on 295, just watch for that new pattern, here is the deal, southbound ramp to the walt whitman is closed, so you have to go further south, and flip the old u-turn laverne down there, at the delsea drive, katie. that's going to add some time to your commute this morning. >> i got something else, got something else that will add some time, of course that's the rain, and it continues to move in for us as we speak here. specifically, if you are going to be traveling, i would say specially like the pa turnpike, going westbound, you have got to go out into central pennsylvania for whatever reason, that will really slow you down. we have some very heavy rain that continues to roll that way. as well as another pocket, especially, just along kent county and sussex county border here, we look at future weather, you know, still location dependent, but will definitely be a pretty unsettled day around the region. i highly suggest an umbrella, even though you can see that the wet weather issues we have are somewhat scattered in nature, and, you know, these showers could come down very, very heavily at times. so, when it does roll in, it could drench you, you don't want to get caught
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empty-handed, today another muggy unsettled day, and it will continue to stay this way looks like for the long hall, nicole, back to you. >> katie, thanks so much. a check on stories our sister station "kyw news radio" is following. the old city firehouse, damaged by fire, will soon be back in business. and, philadelphia lands its first convention since new agreement affecting unions at the convention center. then, amtrak is making this ride on the rails more exciting for those who want to stay on line. you can check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", tell me you have heard this one before. donald sterling changed his minds. >> what? >> again. details on what the embattled clippers owner is saying now. >> and just an unbelievable story, erika, a woman robbed while playing on line video games. wait until you see what happens next. back at the top of the hour.
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breaking news right now, a woman is tied up and terrorized during a home invasion. we're live with the brazen way the robbers entered her home. >> also, more breaking news, taliban now responsible for an attack that killed 5us solder. >> today is tuesday, june the tenth, thanks for joining us, i'm nicole brewer in for ukee this morning. >> i'm erika von tiehl. people across our area will try to stay dry. key word, try. after some strong storms, brink flooding, roadways turned into rivers, and look at your screen right there, cars just submerged. katie, you're saying it is not over yet? >> definitely not. just little bit of light splits out here on the skydeck right now, we've got very heavy rounds of rain, thunderstorms, currently moving through our western suburbs. so, still a lot to talk b also, some fog issues, we will
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break it all down for you coming up. bob? >> 5:00 o'clock, straight up, a tuesday morning, yes, lots of fog to drive through this morning, we look live, route 100 near downingtown, impact ago lot of the roadways this morning, plus, we check in with the construction delays, coming up next. nicole, erika, good morning. >> we're following breaking news this morning, frightening home invasion, and robbery, in philadelphia. >> police say the woman was asleep when she came face-to-face with the intruders. "eyewitness news" reporter, jen bernstein, join us now at the scene in olney with the latest, jen, good morning. >> good morning, erika, nicole. the victim in all of this has owned this bar, west olney avenue, for more than 40 years here, lives in the second floor apartment, actually just this second police officers just dropped her off. she was down talking with them before they had taken her in the car probably about 20 minutes ago, now she is back. now, she says that she was startled awake, just around


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